Budos Band – Burnt Offering

from Paste “And thus, Burnt Offering, which represents a full-on mutation rather than the previous steady evolution of Budos music. It’s 2014, and in the band’s Daptone studio, it would seem guitars are all the rage. Because for the first time, “funk rock” becomes an accurate descriptor for the still-complex musical sprawl, which now evokes the Read more about Budos Band – Burnt Offering[…]

Christian Bland & the Revelators – The Unseen Green Obscene

from Music OMH “The Unseen Green Obscene is the third studio offering from The Revelators and the first since 2012’s Pig Boat Blues; The Black Angels tend to mix their ‘60s psychedelic influences with a darker, heavier rock sound regularly featuring the constant drone of a mellotron but The Revelators tread closer to the origins Read more about Christian Bland & the Revelators – The Unseen Green Obscene[…]

Bass Drum of Death – Rip This

from Allmusic “Bass Drum of Death‘s third full-length album, 2014’s Rip This, is an unrelenting steamroller of fuzz-laden, deliriously boneheaded garage rock. Once again centered on the duo of John Barrett and Len Clark and featuring production from Jacob Portrait, Rip This is a shoot-from-the-hip collection of slacker anthems designed to do nothing more than kick ass and ruin your car’s speakers.”

Meatbodies – S/T

from Drowned in Sound “Previously affiliated to the seemingly-ubiquitous Ty Segall, Ubovich strikes out on his own here, with help from Eric Bauer, another name synonymous with much that is good about contemporary psychadelia. One pleasing result of this collaboration is the hi-fi quality of the recording that they have produced. Often, it seems to Read more about Meatbodies – S/T[…]

Mark Lanegan – Phantom Radio

from Paste Magazine “For Phantom Radio, Lanegan doesn’t stray too far from the digital darkness that infected his last solo effort, 2012’s Blues Funeral. If anything, he and producer Alain Johannes have crystallized and improved upon the work they did on that previous record. These 10 songs have a nice luster to them even when Lanegan is Read more about Mark Lanegan – Phantom Radio[…]