Silk Rhodes – S/T














From Pitchfork:

It’s been nearly a half decade since he first started putting out New Age-indebted drone tapes as Run DMT, and in that span Michael Collins has proved himself a pretty capable revivalist. As that project morphed from minimal, no-fi ambient work into a ’60s-leaning guitar-pop act before finally settling down as a freaky folk band under the similarly punny moniker Salvia Plath, his¬†M.O.¬†remained the same: delve wholeheartedly into a well-trodden genre from the past and warp it with an eccentric, acid-addled approach to production and composition. Now, he’s sparked up another endeavor with longtime friend and occasional collaborator Sasha Desree called Silk Rhodes that applies that same method to the familiar tropes of ’70s funk and soul, all the while remaining just offbeat enough to avoid pastiche.”

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