Contest – Win a Vinyl Record Box on RSD 2015

ugly vinyl box


Does this picture look familiar? Most vinyl owners I know usually have make-shift vinyl storage boxes that just do the job. Not quite functional and not very pretty. Well, Black Buffalo Records has a contest where YOU can win one Black Buffalo Records wooden vinyl box. It’s a simple contest. Simply post a pic of your craptacular vinyl storage unit and tag Black Buffalo on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #BBRfreevinylbox and we’ll pick a winner on Saturday, April 18 aka Record Store Day 2015. (could be a cardboard box, maybe a standing unit, maybe you lean your vinyl against the wall. We don’t care). Sounds like a sweet deal. Locally made wooden vinyl storage box with routed handles so you can carry it with the Black Buffalo Records label. It can hold around 75 records. Good luck!


PS you’ll have to come pick up the box at the store. Sending it across county lines/ province/state/continent (or beyond) would be very daunting.


BBR Vinyl Box

BBR Vinyl Box


EDIT : April 19 the contest is now closed. We found an entrant who really need a bin.


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