BBR-003 -CRYPTORIPS – Glenwood G.G./Hau Kea


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The Limited edition 7″ features two explosive tracks by Dartmouth’s Cryptorips!

Cryptorips is the thoughtless mindfullness of truth, power, and rock’n’roll. Strumming along with some D#D#A#D#GG’s and strolling through the loudatonale.

Comprised of Matt McQuaid (Holy Fuck), Mark Mullane (North of America), Adam Hartling (Long Weekends)and Rob Oxner, the Cryptorips offer up two cuts of angry noise-rock. Distorted blasts of guitar and pummelling rhythms provide the stormy backdrop for brash vocals that favour lip-curling attitude over melody featuring tense comedowns prior to heavy finales.

Only 300 copies!

Release date September 21.




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