LXVNDR is a Canadian, East Coast Hip Hop Artist. Born in Halifax, but raised in Prince Edward Island on skateboarding, old school hip hop, punk rock and horror movies. Her love for all things Taboo, along with the unseen forces of the human psyche and spirituality are very prominent topics in the Music she creates. Unable to really put her into one musical box, her sound bounces around from hardcore hip hop, to lo-fi, r&b and even sometimes spoken word. Preferring to keep things interesting and never wanting to curb her creativity she claims to "write what pours from the heart," and, whatever genre that may be is exactly what you can expect. She has released 3 albums since the start of her musical career in 2018. Now representing Black Buffalo Records, Low Pressure Fried Chicken and Sipset - She is just getting started. Her works begin with "R.A.W. (Real Always Wins) produced by DJ Moves, a concept album touching on the dark and light sides of Life. "Warmth" produced by Niimo, an experimental project that examines her emotions and day to day life. "Moonwater" her most recent album featuring Fortunato and SCRIMIGE, is a fun work of collaborative word play over powerful beats, all of which are available on all streaming platforms.


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