Thrust OG x BoFaat – Like Its 1994 (Digital Only)



They say time travel doesn’t exist. But one listen to Like It’s 1994 by Thrust OG x BoFaat will instantly propel you back to the land of Avirex jackets, Nokia phones and Isuzu jeeps. This 12-track album brings vintage ‘90s heat with its sample-based boom bap production and a who’s-who roster of underground emcees including Chief Reckah, Denku, Kenneth Masters, Sha-Elemental and many more. Welcome to 1994 in 2022. You’re not going to want to come back.

This is a digital download, no physical product.

  1. Soon You Be Gone – Taiyamo Denku x Tough Dumplin x Dystrakted
  2. No Freaks Given – Kenneth Masters x Chief Reckah
  3. Paved The Road – Pauly Grams x bRavenous x King Harv x Doc Remedy x Mlny
  4. 94 Memorabilia – Mickey Bourbon x MALTE x Pestilence
  5. Get Tha Fuqq Up – Mr Ripley x Stu Writes x Eclyse
  6. Quiet As Kept – Astro Jones x Karnage Cashman x Malcolm DeWayne
  7. How To Move In A Room Full Of Vultures – GUNNZ x Marz One
  8. Mic Pugilists – Chief Reckah x Taiyamo Denku x Pyro Da Hot x RamBunxious x Murdoc Faceless
  9. Here To Overthrow (In Da Zone) Lyriz x Chief Reckah
  10. Like Its 1994 – Sha-Elemental x Urban Legend x Elementree
  11. Galaxy Gems – Kenneth Masters x Tough Dumplin
  12. Straight Thru Da Roof – Tough Dumplin x Taiyamo Denku x Chief Reckah x Die-Rek x Juxx Diamondz x Elad Authority


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