Chrome+ – Popcorn/Pieces Will Align 7″


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Chrome is maybe best known for being part of the mighty Def Tex but has a mountain of solo releases on various labels including No Half Steppin’ and B-Line Recordings. A little while ago AE boss sent Chrome a beat which was lster chosen to go towards the forthcoming Chrome+ album. Chrome then offered AE the album for release so naturally we were interested. Here you have Popcorn from the album produced by Djar One who you may remember produced the Whirlwind D 7″ released on AE and non-LP b-side Pieces Will Align produced by Stevie Ebola.


For the Chrome+ project Chrome decided to have sampled drums but replace the other samples with live instruments so recruited Tom Hanah on bass and aCivilian on guitar. The beauty with this arrangement is that it retains the syncopated Hip Hop feel due to the sampled drums looped but has the ability to do more with the other elements as can play whatever is required.

Bonus nerd points if you noticed that AE045 is a 45!


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