DJ Bacon – Don’t Say Nuthin’ / Ms. Fat Booty


2nd pressing on Black or Gold vinyl now shipping.


Side A Don’t Say Nuthin’

Bring your stank face, you’re gonna’ need it for DJ Bacon’s remix of Don’t Say Nuthin’. His super funky breaks provide the ultra-fat foundation for Black Thought to drop non-stop gems. Coupled with a soulful guitar that pours on the cool like Ranch dressing on hot wings — and sampled African vocals for added melody — Don’t Say Nuthin’ will have you saying one thing: Damn!!

Side B Ms. Fat Booty

The saxophone, guitar and drums are so fat on DJ Bacon’s remix of Ms. Fat Booty that they’re nearly obese. DJ Bacon super-sizes the funk and lays it on thick with his remix of this Mos Def classic, taking it into uncharted territory. The end result isn’t just butter. It’s a tub of butter. Topped with clave, sampled African hooks and booty shaking bliss. Get your fill and come back for more.

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Black Vinyl, Gold Vinyl, Digital


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