Matlock – Coffee & Cannabis


Pre-sales are now open for the vinyl version available in standard Black or in Yellow with green and brown splatter.

Deployment is slated for November 2022. We understand the waiting is the hardest part but rest assured, we are doing our best to expedite.

“This is one of the dopest albums of the year. I’ve heard it 5 times already and I always hear something new. No project is touching this album right now”
– Ang13

“Some people think inside the box, some people think outside of the box, this album thinks fuck the box”
– Smoke Da Soulja

“Every song is dope!!!!”
– Yodarock

“Flow and creativity is still at a elite level…Bella choked me up and I don’t even have a fucking dog”
– Greg Grammar

“This album is a must have!”
– Brad Bailey, Hip-Hop Lifers

“This album is SHITTING on everything right now. A more thorough version of Bukowski. A great piece of art”
– Norml One

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Black Vinyl, Yellow Splatter Vinyl, Digital


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