Matlock – Coffee & Cannabis


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“This is one of the dopest albums of the year. I’ve heard it 5 times already and I always hear something new. No project is touching this album right now”
– Ang13

“Some people think inside the box, some people think outside of the box, this album thinks fuck the box”
– Smoke Da Soulja

“Every song is dope!!!!”
– Yodarock

“Flow and creativity is still at a elite level…Bella choked me up and I don’t even have a fucking dog”
– Greg Grammar

“This album is a must have!”
– Brad Bailey, Hip-Hop Lifers

“This album is SHITTING on everything right now. A more thorough version of Bukowski. A great piece of art”
– Norml One

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Black Vinyl, Yellow Splatter Vinyl, Digital


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