Nick Bike feat Lxvndr: OPP (Green Fingers Mix) / Feelin’ Myself



Side A: OPP (Green Fingers Mix)

You down with OPP? You know … Nick Bike! Nick’s Green Fingers Mix takes the 1991 Naughty by Nature anthem, lifts the vocals and completely flips the song on its head. Nick’s progressive bassline and 4-on-the-floor bass drum pattern almost makes this joint sound like a house track — almost. But once the beat kicks in and the song gets underway, it becomes a danceable hip hop track that serves as a contemporary take on a super dope classic. DJs: you’re welcome.

Side B: Feelin’ Myself

Joined by LXVNDR, the queen of Canadian hip hop (according to Chuck D — so it’s fact), Nick Bike creates a mid-tempo canvas for LXVNDR to “feel herself” through playful braggadocio as she encourages you to do the same. LXVNDR’s trademark mix of dope bars and soulful crooning flow together nicely over Nick’s beat, which sounds like it has one foot in rap, and the other in house. The result is a track that’s perfect for cars, dancefloors and full-length mirrors.

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